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So Many Prints!

I just finished creating a month-long series of gel prints based on a challenge by the impressive artist Birgit Koopsen. My fellow gel print enthusiasts and I were to use different “tools” each day and it was fun to see what you can use around your house to create or “pull” interesting prints.

But what to do with all of these prints? I’ve made coasters and trivets out of some of my other prints, but I want to do something more meaningful, and as my friend Kitty says, spread "little pieces of Eileen" all over. I’m toying with matting them all and then “releasing them to the wild,” so let me know if you’re interested in receiving one. It may take me awhile to put them together as there are 80 prints!

Thanks so much to those of you who followed along on Instagram and to everyone who supports me in a myriad of ways on my artistic journey!

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