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Does Art have an expiration date?

I’m always trying to find new venues to show my art in, and it’s interesting how many different restrictions galleries and arts organizations have on their calls for entry (the notices on how to submit to upcoming art exhibits). Some have guidelines on themes, size, media, and even framing. But lately I’ve noticed quite a few have this restriction: Artwork must have been created in the past two years.

Why? What does it matter when my work was created? Does my artwork “go bad?” Is it no longer considered “fresh”?

When I recently asked for feedback on this on an artists’ website, one artist wrote back,

“The organizers want to see where you are at this time, the current state of your art.”

Maybe that’s true, but does that mean what I’m working on now invalidates anything I’ve created previously? Especially since I deal in several media and reinterpret my work in those different media, I feel like my work is constantly changing and my past pieces all inform my current work. Shouldn't those pieces still be relevant then?

In the end, I guess I’m just looking for some love for my pieces that have been hanging around a bit! Here are a few that have apparently passed their "expiration date":

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