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Pandemic Puzzles, My Way

How many puzzles have you done? The photo above is actually the first puzzle I've done during the pandemic! My daughter and I started it over Thanksgiving weekend and we might finish it by this weekend, if the dark areas don't drive us crazy first!

Now, I love jigsaw puzzles, but I get a bit obsessed with them and have been known to stay up til 3am working to find where that last piece goes! So I've actually stayed away from them for that reason. Instead I turned to my other form of puzzling: creating mosaic vases! Starting in March, I would sit down with the vases and my tiny, hand-cut pieces of glass and create shapes, patterns or just free-form abstractions -- usually while I was binge-watching some show. I've finished eight of them! Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal, but I tend to work with very small pieces and it can get especially tricky working on curved surfaces.

Here they are, starting from upper left and going clockwise:

-- Building Blocks Vase -- Blue and green squares; 4" circle vase, sold at Del Ray Artisans.

-- Eiffel Tower Vases -- Two of these with royal blue background and yellow glass for the tower; 6" tall and 4" wide. Even though all of these are meant as vases, this picture shows how lovely they look when you put a votive in them and let the light play!

-- Pink Tulip Vase -- Using many shades of pink; 9' tall and 5" wide.

-- Blue Abstraction Vase -- Blue, white and clear glass; 8" tall and 4" wide.

-- Orange Twist Vase -- Orange, yellow and clear; 9" tall and 3" at its widest part.

-- Squares Vase -- Blue, green, white and clear "squares"; 11" tall and 7" wide.

-- Cathedral Vase -- Using a type of stained glass called "rough rolled" that has a lovely bumpy or undulating texture and is often used in stained glass panels; blue, green and two shades of yellow/gold; a little over 11" tall and 3" wide.

I haven't started on any new vases in the past week, so maybe I'll just stick with the jigsaw puzzles for awhile... Hoping this finds you all well or at least healthy!

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