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I Joined the Club!

Turns out, as many of you know, the covid club is not that exclusive! I recently caught covid! Fortunately, since I'd been vaccinated and boosted, it was a mild case and only gave me a little bit of wheezing (phew, says the asthmatic!). Thinking back, it felt suspiciously like the same illness I had back in early March 2020, though I couldn't get in to see a doctor at the time and there were no tests available, so never had it confirmed.

So what do you do when you're supposed to isolate -- create art! Lately I've been fixated on neurographic art, which is basically just free-form drawing, and I do this on top of my gel prints. I imagine the shapes and paths I've created through this as akin to my thought processes -- never in a straight line, usually doubling back at least once, and often coming back to the same place wondering why I came there. Hope you enjoy them and that you all stay safe and healthy!

PS One of these drawings/modified prints, "Take the Long Way Home", is already up on the walls at Palette 22!

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