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Bah humbug! (a bit early)

As an artist, you sometimes feel the need to do holiday markets, and the crush of getting ready for them can lead you to feel quite Scrooge-ish. While it seems the rest of your friends and family are going off to Ugly Sweater parties, you're down in the basement cutting glass and making ornaments!

Then there's this whole hypocrisy thing -- I have long complained to anyone who will listen how I hate that stores like Best Buy and Walmart and Target not only have completely commercialized Christmas, but they've stolen Thanksgiving and often Halloween with their early displays and marketing. Yet for the past two years, I've been in the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church Holiday Market, which is held in mid-November, so I myself am now guilty of this!

So guess what I've been doing? Making ornaments, such as the above one, which still needs to be grouted, well before Thanksgiving! But some of them are pretty cute, if I do say so myself, so I hope you can join me at one of the three markets I'm doing this year. (Or if you see something, write to me at and we'll work something out!) Here's hoping they won't make me a Scrooge this year, as it is one of my favorite times of year! Happy Thanksgiving a bit early, and Merry Christmas, way too early!

Holiday Markets

Saturday, November 17, 9:30am to 4pm -- Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church, 1909 Windmill Lane, Alexandria, VA 22307

Saturday, December 8, 11am to 2pm -- Pop-up Shop and Demonstrations, Shirlington Library, 4200 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206

Wednesday, December 19, 11am to 3pm -- Plaza Holiday Market, 2200 or 2300 Clarendon Blvd, (will update which building closer to the date) Arlington, VA 22201

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