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Art As Therapy

Creating art can be therapeutic -- especially in these Covid quarantine times. Art often helps me to process my feelings and express or transform emotions. Like a lot of people right now, I feel like there is very little I can control. My art is one of the few things I can – through the colors I choose to depict the images in my head or through creating patterns in my mosaics.

I spent the first few weeks of sheltering in place creating a number of Eiffel Tower mosaic coasters and trivets, and that kept me dreaming of Paris and travel! Eventually, I hope to place these coasters in a DC-based store whenever the DMV “reopens.”

Once I finished those, I wanted to create pieces with bright colors to adjust my attitude and get away from the gloominess I struggle with these days. The above piece will probably become part of a Quarantine series, if my stores of fuschia and sky blue paints hold out! Here’s to this work helping me keep looking at life through rose-colored glasses! Hope you do too and that you all stay healthy!

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